Glassblowing is a very old way of creating glass ornaments vases and other products from the glass. It is working on very simple principle, you take the molten material, then you are transforming it, however, your imagination tells you to shape it. the shaping is done by blowing into a tube and carefully shaping it with some special tools that are made just for this. There are plenty of ways that you can shape and manipulate the glass that you are working with, you can add different colors to make unique pieces that stand out.

The shapes and forms are endless, you can create almost anything that comes to your mind. However, in order to do it, you have to be very experienced. Of course, you have to start somewhere, in order to become good at something you need to continually practice it, especially glassblowing can take up a few years before you master the blowing techniques. It is a very exciting and fun experience to learn glassblowing and it is something that can make you a lot of money if you get good at it.

The most important thing about glassblowing is that you have to be in love with the process otherwise you will never succeed if you are doing it just for money. You have to put a lot of time, effort, and hard work in order to achieve a success.

Tools You Need for Glassblowing

Tools You Need for GlassblowingFirst of all, before you start buying all the tools that are required for glassblowing, you need to have space where you will be able to work with glass. This requires a space that is big and has a good ventilation because of all the high temperatures and gasses that are released during the process. When you have your place, then you can start buying tools. First obviously, you need a furnace, you can get any size it doesn’t need to be huge. These furnaces will take about a week to get the required working temperature. Then you need a re-heating furnace because when you take out the glass for shaping it will cool and after a short time you will not be able to shape it.

Then, the common things like a workbench, with all the hand tools, jacks, tweezers some pairs of shears. Some people are even using newspaper to shape their glass. One more important thing that you must have is an annealer that will cool down your glass to a room temperature in about 12 hours, depending on the shape and the thickness of the glass piece that you have created.

Glassblowing Tips

The first tip that we can give you is that you prepare your working space before you start working with glass. Get all the tools out that you will use and make sure that they are clean because you don’t want to use them on the clear glass if they are dirty. Next thing is to prepare your blowing pipes, first blow through them to make sure that they are clean and to see if there is any glass plugging the end of it.