A treehouse is a dream of every kid, it was always popular and it will stay that way. My name is Dan Lombardo and I previously owned a window cleaning company in southern California. While glass blowing at the time was my passion and hobby, it didn’t always pay the bills, so I figured since I make glass, why not make money cleaning it too! I saw a treehouse in one of our customer’s backyard that really inspired me to write this. If you are a parent, then you know the struggle when your kid is asking you to build him a treehouse. Usually, the reason why they want one is because they have seen in somewhere in a movie. Unfortunately, you have two options, from which one will make your kid very sad. Therefore, a lot of parents actually decide to build a treehouse. The problem with that is that usually they don’t have any previous building experience and they don’t know what to expect or how to exactly do it.

Window ProblemUsually, nowadays all you need to do is to search on the internet how to build a treehouse and you will have a ton of different types of treehouses to choose from. People let their kid decide which one they like and start building it. The problems occur when they have already bought all the necessary material and equipment for the build because the instructions are never good enough and people get stuck at some point of the build.

Window Problem

The biggest problem that parents have with treehouses is that usually, the house guide they are following doesn’t have windows included into the build. That can be a problem because not every day that you kid wants to play in the treehouse will be sunny. Things like rain or even show can ruin your treehouse if it is not protected with windows. That’s why if you want to build a proper treehouse that will last you for a long period of time, you have to make your own windows.

Get Professional Help

professional design them specifically for that treehouseWhen it comes to windows, you have to have some professional design them specifically for that treehouse because the measures can be very unusual. We suggest that you hire a company like us, that will create the highest quality windows for your treehouse in no time. A good thing about having quality windows is that you will preserve the life of the treehouse. That is because windows, if they are properly installed, will protect the inside of the treehouse and that way protects the wood from the outside conditions.

It is crucial that the window that you purchase is completely sealed and it is installed the right way. That way, you will never have any problems with the weather. You will be able to let your kids pay in the treehouse while it is raining outside.