The glass is just like any other material that is made by humans affect the environment some way. Those effects cannot be seen immediately, however that doesn’t mean that they are not existing and that they are not changing our environment. Usually, these effects are showing up after a longer period of time. The glass is a polluting material, the whole process of glass making is very dangerous to the environment because those factories are polluting the air with some toxic gasses.

Importance of Glass

glass are windowsThe glass is a very important part of our lives, it has a lot of different purposes and most of them are crucial to everyday use. If you just look around you, most likely you can point out at least ten different uses of glass. Knowing that glass is very important we are still producing it because we are always creating new things that require glass, or we just use it for some already invented product.

Probably the most commonly used product made from glass are windows. They are everywhere, in every home and in every building. Without windows, our homes wouldn’t look so nice from the inside because we wouldn’t have a nice outside look. Windows in cars are also a great use of glass because it allows people that are sitting in the car to see outside of it and stay protected the same time from the weather conditions. There are just never enough glass, therefore we need to make new glass, and by doing that we are polluting our planet.


Recycling is a very popular way of saving the planet from pollution because glass if you didn’t know, can be recycled completely without any loss of the material. That is the best thing about it, you will never lose anything when you are recycling it and it will not lose its quality, glass can be recycled infinitely. Unfortunately, people usually just hear of recycling old glass bottles. However, there are plenty more recyclable products that you might not know about.

Almost every piece of glass can be recycled, they only need to be separated. That is because not all the glass products have the same ingredients or consistency. For example, windows are made out of much more durable glass than glass bottles that you can purchase, and the window glass is much purer than the glass bottle. If we recycle all the glass we can slow down the glass making process and that way help our planet.